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We are your strategic partners in Texas land acquisition and development services. With investment strategies, insights, and data spanning every market aspect, we create solutions that deliver superior investment outcomes for our clients.

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Brokerage Services

We don’t just find prime commercial spaces. We create them. Bring your business ambitions to life, whether you’re seeking your next location or envisioning a development project.


Working within our niche, we add value at every stage of the investment cycle. When institutional quality underwriting, research, and analysis are empowered by decades of regional expertise, the result is success proven by time.


By leveraging local insights, industry connections, and market expertise, every step of each project is executed with nested advantages that have enabled us to consistently deliver attractive returns.

The Accumulation of Wealth and Economic Growth in Texas Continues to Rise

Texas boasts a thriving economy that stands tall as the ninth largest on the globe, with a staggering GDP of $1.88 trillion. Fueled by its preeminent position in oil and natural gas production, the state has carved out a formidable reputation as the leader in this industry.

Moreover, Texas has held the mantle of being the best state for business for an impressive fifteen years, courtesy of its unparalleled corporate expansions, strategic locations, and growth prospects. A magnet for companies and investors alike, Texas is the ideal destination for those seeking to tap into a burgeoning economic landscape that shows no signs of slowing down.

Population and economic trends are contributing to outsized returns: for the entire United States, Texas in the last year ranked among the top 5 states for GDP growth,¹ had six of the top ten U.S. counties with the largest population increases, and had five of the top ten fastest growing counties.²

Those are globally significant returns and metrics, with opportunities likewise sought by world-class funds. How would you find an edge?

Economic Rankings


Largest Economy
in the World


Gross Domestic


Producer of Oil
and Natural Gas


Best State for Business
15 Years in a Row

State for Corporate
Expansions and Locations

Economic Climate

Best State for Exports

Fastest-Growing State Economy

Best State to Start a Business

State for Growth Prospects

Best Climate for Skilled

1United States$20.49
5United Kingdom$2.83
11South Korea$1.59
* GDP in Trillions

SOURCES: US Census Bureau, Texas Economic Development Corporation, Forbes, Chief Executive Magazine, Thumbtack, Site Selection

A Niche Specialty with a Multifaceted Edge: Texas Raw Land Development

This is actually a very unusual target for funds. As a result, we have been able to build unmatched expertise and proven results in carving out this slice of the market. This is who we are and what we’ve done for three decades.

Our specialized investing approach requires a unique combination of strengths: we are able to pair the investment side and real estate professional side in a way that optimizes returns.

A Winning Package of Insight and Foresight for Real Asset Investing and Management

On one hand, real estate is a local business which benefits immensely from intimate familiarity. This is where having a team of the best real estate professionals in the region gives us an advantage.

On the other hand, the science of the business relies on having an experienced investment team with a honed talent for data-driven research and analysis.

Our real estate professionals and managing members combine institutional quality underwriting, knowledge, and analysis in these key markets, which are joined together with our local expertise. The result is a winning package of insight and foresight.

Value For The Right Investor

A few examples of how Texas provides value for the right investor:

A booming population and economy, resulting in high demand for housing and commercial properties; a business-friendly environment with low taxes and minimal regulations, which attracts corporate relocations and expansions that drive up values; and, a diverse economy with thriving industries across many sectors, offering better opportunities for portfolio diversification.

Our niche expertise is our strength.

If you are looking for the right partners to generate attractive returns in an environment with growing challenges, we can help. We have weathered every storm of the past three decades; our success has never been a fluke of low interest rates or any other macro factors. Our track record is the result of combining the most intimate, specialized expertise in our niche with a scientific approach that has delivered proven results for 30 years.

Connect with us.

If you’re curious to learn more about us, as we are about you, connect with us and tell us about your investment needs. We’re here to listen to your investing goal, and if we’re a good fit, to make it happen.

Jim McAlister IV, Founder & CEO

Multi-asset investment solutions that combine real estate and infrastructure assets across listed and private markets.

Join Our Success Through the Entire Investment Cycle

Asset Sourcing
We are able to source undervalued assets, and do it consistently, at a time when institutional capital and others have tried to take advantage of Texas’ meteoric growth.

Planning & Vision
We exit into the market with eagle-eyed awareness of everything around us — all of the relevant macro and local factors that can inform our effort to achieve the best possible timing.

Strategic Underwriting
After sourcing these assets, we navigate closings and tailor the underwriting process to add value for stakeholders and improve future returns.

Acquisition Through Disposition
We execute based on an intricate understanding of the entire investment cycle: each component is worked into a complementary whole of connected advantages.


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